About Me



Hey there! My name is Andrea, I am a 29 year old coffee enthusiast. This blog surfaced because I wanted to connect with other women who adore to travel,  enjoy good food, cherish beauty advice and  serve as an inspiration (yeah, the world needs more of that please, spread some inspiration ladies!)  When it comes to food…well,  I am a  ¨eat 7 times a day kinda person¨; and I always, always have room for dessert; although I do try to eat healthy.   I can´t say I love to exercise, yet somehow, I´ve managed the BBG (Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines) for 62 weeks now. Going to the gym is a no-no for me but working out at home is something I can manage (thanks for that Kayla :)). In addition to loving to eat, I see traveling as a passion.  I deeply believe in collecting moments and not things. And my most important belief: GOD.

About being a coffee enthusiast… growing my own coffee is a thing; yes, that´s right (I get to sip fresh roasted coffee each morning). Furthermore, nature is something I adore and respect, and I specially enjoy talking long walks at midnight. As a nocturnal person, been able to gaze at the stars and observe nocturnal animals is something I look forward to every night. Oh,  and I´m also  a crazy dog lady. Chances are, you will be seeing random pics of my black labrador, Frijola,  on this site. Actually, if you see other pics of dogs here, they´re not my dogs. In fact,  they´re my neighbors´dogs popping up for a visit (and treats). Still, I love them (like I said, crazy dog lady).

Coffee in bloom

When I´m not blogging, I´m a Business Administrator with a minor in Marketing , a freelancer, a transcriber and translator, and an event planner. As you can see, I like to keep busy. My hobbies include dogs (you saw that one coming, right?), bird watching, coffee OF COURSE (and all processes involved) and DIY cards (love Stampin´ Up for that). Oh, I also sell pictures on Twenty20 (total amateur by the way). And most recently, I discovered I like horses and there´s no reason for me to panic about riding a horse (took me like five minutes to actually get on the horse and get past the fear of falling or something).

Dog selfie
Luna and I (Yes, I´m in my pj´s)









So why Moonlight Sweetness? I got inspiration from my neighbor´s dog (see? crazy dog lady all over it). Her name is Luna, which literally translates to ¨moon¨. She has the sweetest eyes and cute green eyes. One day she was staring at me and the name just popped into my head: ¨Moonlight Sweetness it is¨, I said.


So, this is my life in a nutshell. Thank you for being part of it.


Andrea 🙂

Black Labrador
Frijola, my black lab, saying ¨Hello!¨