Just Let Go and Be Free

Just let go and be free. The importance of letting go. Why you should let go if you want to have peace, if you want to be free.

Just Let Go and Be Free. The importance of letting go. Letting go makes you free and gives you peace.


Yes, we all drag past memories, unpleasant experiences, past loves, past traumas…we tend to drag thoughts and memories that no longer serve us. They served as an experience but we end up letting them define us and become a sentence instead of just a lesson. Here are a few reasons so you fully acknowledge the importance of letting go – Just let go and be free -.

Not Letting Go Is Like Wearing Chains Tied to Your Ankles

Yup. Imagine you are trying to move forward, but each time you try to take a step forward, you feel like something pulls you back and doesn’t let you move on. This is what not letting go feels like. It’s something that chains you, that impedes progress. Think about it. You might be taking baby steps, which I agree is better than nothing but, have you ever thought that you could be taking bigger steps if it weren’t for that specific something you refuse to let go? This something could be painful emotions, disenchantment, a toxic love or friendship, stress, negativity, anger, frustration, cynism…you name it. There are dozens, if not more, things we could and should let go. Break the chains by letting go and start moving forward at a bigger pace.


Just Let Go and Be Free. Simplicity is to let go and live a better life.

Do You Prefer Freedom or Would You Rather Be Caged?

Ask yourself: Would you rather be caged, feeling trapped or would you rather be and feel free? If your answer was “free”, know that it takes steps to get there. Being free means letting go of your worries, your anger, your stress, your frustrations, your negativity, your attachment to toxic relationships (be it romantic ones or friendly relationships), your cynism, your bitterness, your constant non-healthy self-criticism, your lack of forgiveness, etc. When you let go of everything that holds you back from being free, that’s when real freedom occurs. But in order to get to that awesome free place, you need to take steps and actions that will get you there. You need to let go of all the above mentioned and more. You need to identify all that is holding you back and let go. The process of letting go might sometimes be painful but holding on to all those things that keep you from moving forward, hurts even more, and does more damage. And the damage it provokes is invisible to the eye but wrecking to the soul.


Choose Peace Above All

Letting go allows you to have peace. Holding on to that which you refuse to let go only brings disturbance to your heart. It makes matters weigh more than they actually should. When you let go you no longer authorize that specific something to hold you back, to give you restless nights, to burden you. Letting go is like watching a storm at a distance and observe how it starts to dissipate and then see the rays of sunshine cut through the clouds.

Steps You Can Take to LET GO

  1. Forgive yourself for the decisions and mistakes you have made. Stop holding it against you.
  2. Forgive others who have faulted against you (unforgiveness causes immense bitterness).
  3. Quit carrying burdens. Leave those to God.
  4. Say goodbye to all bitterness in your life.
  5. Stop dragging the past into your present. Use the past as an experience, as a lesson, don´t dwell on it.
  6. Acknowledge where you stand at the moment with your feelings, face yourself and let go of the guilt, anger, and frustration in you.
  7. Let GOD.

Just let go and change the course of your life. If we don´t let go, our life remains the same and are unable to move on. You do not own the past nor the future, you own the present and it´s in your hands to determine where you will lead.

Have I stressed enough the importance of letting go? Well, I know it´s not easy peasy but you can understand why it is such a big deal and how doing so positively affects your life. So, here are a few other resources to read and JUST LET GO.


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Cheers! 🙂

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  1. I love this. Such great ideas to put into use. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked it 🙂

  2. Aah, this is so true. Letting go is definitely like pealing back the layers of an onion. Just this week I had an opportunity to release what feels like the last layer of some past hurts relating to romance, and it definitely is, as you said, so very freeing. I love the additional resources you provided to help people move into releasing their hurts.

    1. I´m so glad that you´re peeling the last layer of the onion. It can be very hard and challenging but it´s so necessary. Wish you the best! 🙂

  3. shopatdarling2015 says: Reply

    Loved this message, girl! I am all about that Be Free lifestyle!

    1. So happy to know you liked it 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Valuable insights. Learning to use the lessons from the past but not dwelling on the past can b very powerful. Difficult, but powerful.

    1. So happy to read that you enjoyed reading it. And yes, it can be very challenging to let go but it´s necessary to be free and be at peace. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  5. Letting go has helped me so much!! After what played out much like a Jerry Springer episode, I hate a lot of hate a resentment against my exes new wife. I honestly thought we’d never be civil, but I learned to let go and do what was best for my son. We are now the best of friends and speak daily. I’m forever grateful for us both standing up and being two real woman and putting the past behind us and giving my son and his new brother and sister a better life!

    1. You´re very brave, girl! I applaud you for takis this step and for your honesty. I´m so happy to know that letting go has improved your life so much! Kudos girl! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  6. Letting God to be in charge is really the hardest one. I need a lot of faith that He will take care the rest of the problem and let it go.

    1. Yes, definitely, trusting God and leaving all to Him is hard but once you get there you´ll experience a new kind of freedom, a new kind of peace. One that cannot be achieved by anything or anyone else other than God. It takes great amounts of faith indeed but faith can move mountains after all! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 I pray that God gives you strength and faith to overcome whatever it is you need to overcome 🙂 Cheers!

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