Just Let Go and Be Free

Just let go and be free. The importance of letting go. Why you should let go if you want to have peace, if you want to be free.

  Yes, we all drag past memories, unpleasant experiences, past loves, past traumas…we tend to drag thoughts and memories that no longer serve us. They served as an experience but we end up letting them define us and become a sentence instead of just a lesson. Here are a few reasons so you fully acknowledge […]

The Sunshine Blogger Award

The Sunshine Blogger Award

  I had just finished breakfast and the invigorating aroma of freshly ground coffee filled the house. I poured a tall cup of coffee, my own coffee (yup, I grow, harvest and process my own coffee, but that’s another story I promise to write about later on), grabbed my phone and started checking my social […]

Traveling to Galápagos

Bartolomé Island, Galápagos Islands

Tips when traveling to Galápagos When my husband announced to me in early February that we were traveling to Ecuador in November, I thought ¨OMG! This is super exciting!¨ Little did I know that Galápagos is an expensive destination. I spent a little bit over five months looking for deals, tourism companies, etc. and nothing […]